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Real Estate

Real Estate Law Books

The Law Offices of Daren Rubenfeld, P.A. offer clients a broad spectrum of commercial real estate services. With over 20 years of commercial real estate experience, Mr. Rubenfeld delivers clients quality service and valuable commercial property expertise of the local Florida market… read more

Multi-District Litigation

Law IconsOur attorneys at The Law Offices of Daren Rubenfeld, P.A. represent clients whom have been harmed, whether directly or indirectly, by medical drugs and devices.  Manufacturers’ negligence in the design of their product or misrepresentation of the side effects related to the product are considered legitimate causes of actions for product liability… read more


Law BooksThe Law Offices of Daren Rubenfeld, P.A. have over 20 years experience providing private and public corporations and small businesses with legal counsel on risk management and business practices. It is important for businesses to minimize the risk of having an event happen that could bring legal consequences to the company’s front door step… read more

Civil Litigation

The Law Offices of Daren Rubenfeld, P.A. offer civil litigation service to clients when court proceedings cannot be avoided in order to settle a dispute. When cases cannot be resolved outside of court, we represent our clients in trials and hearings in the federal, state and local courts.  As part of our litigation service we manage a client’s civil case through the initial investigation, pleadings and discovery to pre-trail, trial, settlement and appeal… read more