Business Law

The Law Offices of Daren Rubenfeld, P.A. has over 20 years experience providing private and public corporations and small businesses with legal counsel on risk management and business practices. It is important for businesses to minimize the risk of having an event happen that could bring legal consequences to the company’s front door step.
Our firm uses their expertise to minimize a company’s risk of falling into legal trouble. We perform regular legal audits, review business’ overall operations and objectives, identify risks, educate management on risk awareness, draft new business guidelines to assist in daily management, and ensure the company is complying with all government policies related to health, hazardous materials and working conditions*. We also ensure that companies are abiding by federal, state and industry regulations to avoid product liability.

*We also assist corporations in business formation procedures.
As in-house counsel, it is our job to identify legal risks to clients and educate them on how to avoid these risks. Contact our office at 561-749-2136 to speak to an experienced attorney on how we can help manage your company’s risk.