Civil Litigation

The Law Offices of Daren Rubenfeld, P.A. offers civil litigation service to clients when court proceedings cannot be avoided in order to settle a dispute. When cases cannot be resolved outside of court, we represent our clients in trials and hearings in the federal, state and local courts. As part of our litigation service we manage a client’s civil case through the initial investigation, pleadings and discovery to pre-trail, trial, settlement and appeal.

During the initial investigation, our attorneys determine whether the plaintiff has enough evidence to file a lawsuit or whether the defendant has enough evidence to defend against the lawsuit. Our attorneys take witness testimony and statements, gather important documents, and investigate all facts. If possible, we try to resolve our client’s case outside the courtroom in a pre-litigation settlement meeting.

If pre-litigation settlement cannot be reached and a lawsuit is filed with the courts, then our attorneys will draft pleadings and motions on behalf of our client, file depositions, formulate a case strategy, prepare expert witnesses during pre-trial, and argue our client’s case before court.

Often we are able to reach a settlement outside of court before the case even goes to trial. Civil court cases can take years to settle so we typically provide in-court litigation services as a last resort conflict resolution method. The amount of time and preparation involved in a civil litigation case can be extensive, time-intensive and therefore, expensive. For these reasons, we try our best to avoid this process for our clients and seek faster resolution alternatives.

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